NOTE: Official AHR Expo Vendors will display the seal below in their correspondence

To protect against fraud, make sure to use only authorized vendors.


onPeak is the only housing company affiliated with and officially approved by the AHR Expo.

Please be careful if approached by any company or service other than onPeak implying or claiming to be an official housing provider of the AHR Expo. We have been made aware of other companies aggressively pursuing AHR Expo Exhibitors, offering significant discounts. onPeak offers the guaranteed lowest rate available. In the past, there have been cases of travel companies that are entirely fraudulent, misleading exhibitors with false information and rates, and even booking rooms that did not exist. If you are contacted by another housing company trying to sell hotel rooms, please use caution and check with the Better Business Bureau to see if they are a legitimate provider. If you are contacted by any of the companies below, or any other travel company you suspect may be fraudulent, please notify Show Management at 203-221-9232.

Companies to avoid, as they are not affiliated with the AHR Expo, include:

  • 6 Point Travel
  • Advantage / EZ Rent A Car
  • Book My Rooms, LLC
  • Business Travel Bureau
  • CMI Event Travel
  • Convention Housing Authority
  • Convention Housing Management
  • Convention Expo Travel
  • Diamond Housing Associates
  • EC&F – Events Carpet & Flooring
  • ehotelers.com
  • Elegant Housing LLC
  • Elite Corporate Planners
  • Exhibition Housing Management
  • Exhibition Housing Services
  • Exhibition Reserve
  • Expo Housing
  • Expotech
  • Execu-Link Corp
  • Global Elite Travel
  • Global Events Group
  • Global Expo Travel
  • Global Housing Management (GHM Travel)
  • Global Housing Services Corp
  • Haydon Corporation
  • HDMC Group
  • HLS Global
  • IEP Group
  • International Events
  • Le Company LLC
  • National Hotels Association
  • National Travel Associates (NTA Travel)
  • NTR
  • Opt-In Profile Services, Inc.
  • Pluto Trips
  • Progress Expo
  • ProHousing LLC
  • Show Coordinators
  • Skyline Housing
  • T I R A Convention Travel Management
  • TradeShow Housing
  • Tarzango
  • Travel Era
  • WholesaleTravelPlanners


We are notifying our Exhibitors of a situation we have encountered in the past years regarding a publication called the HVAC Refrigeration Daily and its distribution at the AHR Expo.

HVAC Refrigeration Daily is not affiliated with the AHR Expo. They do not have our permission to distribute on the Show Shuttle Buses, in Show Hotels, or in the Convention Center.

In the upcoming months Source Group, the Publisher of the HVAC Refrigeration Daily, may approach you in an effort to solicit advertising. Be advised, if this publication turns up in our Show Hotels, on our Shuttle Buses, or in the Convention Center it will be thrown away. If, as in the past, they hire staff to pass this publication out in the Convention Center, Security will be instructed to escort them off the premises.

The Official AHR Expo Show Daily will be published by ASHRAE and distributed legitimately at the Show entrance. Special Show Issues from other publishers will also be distributed from the AHR Expo’s Magazine Resource Center. Contact Show Management for a list of Industry Publications.

AHR Show Management encourages our Exhibitors to use caution when approached by anyone soliciting any type of service in conjunction with the Show. Check the Exhibitor Manual on our website for a complete list of all Official Show Vendors. And remember, Official Show Vendors must display the Official Vendor Logo on all promotional materials or websites.

When in doubt, contact Show Management, we are here to help.

prosbiztech, Other Unauthorized Attendee Lists

We have been alerted that prosbiztech has been contacting exhibitors offering attendee lists for rental. Experient, the AHR Expo’s Registration Company, is the only authorized official source for attendee list use.  There may be other unscrupulous offers.  If you are unsure please notify Show Management at 203-221-9232 before you make any commitments.