Exhibitors are invited to submit their 2018 AHR Expo releases by emailing Adrian Riley. For guidelines to develop and organize a release, view our AHR Expo Exhibitor Release Guide.

Exceed Safety Demands with Graphic Products

BEAVERTON, OR — September 15, 2017 — Graphic Products is joining the innovative future of the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industries. From Jan. 22-24 at the AHR Expo in Chicago, Graphic Products will showcase an advanced variety of visual communication technologies, solutions, and products. READ MORE

INCO Shows Innovation on its Pre-Insulated Pipes to Improve Efficiency for HVAC Systems at 2018 AHR Expo

MÉRIDA, YUCATÁN — September 14, 2017 — INCO, the number one Latin American brand in solutions for construction, is proud to announce its preinsulated pipe system solutions, including the Leak Detection System, at the 2018 AHR Expo – the world’s largest HVACR industry trade show. READ MORE

Veris Industries Introduces the E34 Series Multi-Circuit Power Meter to Simplify Energy Monitoring and Drive Savings

PORTLAND, OR — September 5, 2017 — Veris Industries, a leader in building automation technology, today announced the release of its new E34 Series Multi-Circuit Power Meter which monitors multiple independent loads via a single device and lowers the equipment and installation costs of metering systems. READ MORE

Innovative Noritz Combination Boiler First to Offer Simultaneous Domestic Water and Space Heating

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA — August 24, 2017 — Noritz has expanded its line of combination boilers with the new Noritz Residential Combination Boiler (NRCB), which allows for simultaneous residential domestic hot water and space heating—a first in the industry— and performs at a 95% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). READ MORE

John Guest Rounds Out JG ProLock System with Range of Products for All Applications

FAIRFIELD, NJ — August 16, 2017 — John Guest, who created the JG ProLock system that made Twist-to-Lock the standard in polymer fittings, has now used the same technology to inspire a range of JG ProLock products to assist the modern plumber in specific applications and solution areas. READ MORE

Introduction of MagnaClean Commercial™ Brings Vital Protection Against Iron Oxide Sludge to Large Hydronic Heating & Cooling Installations

PITTSBURGH, PA — January 30, 2017 — As contractors become all too familiar with the damaging effects of iron oxide sludge on today’s high-efficiency commercial hydronic heating and cooling installations, the need for a solution has been growing. ADEY® Professional Heating Solutions is answering that need with the introduction of the MagnaClean Commercial™ Magnetic Filter range to the North American market. READ MORE

Midco’s branded Unipower Burners – the MPG Series

CHICAGO, IL —  August 10, 2017 — The Midco branded Unipower MPG Series burners are modular construction adaptable to many applications. The MPG series is available with the blower on top as standard. The burner is also available with the blower on the bottom for the tighter applications. Optional valve trains and controls are available to meet ASME CSD-1, Factory Mutual, NFPA and GAP specifications. The MPG burner is completely factory assembled and fire tested. READ MORE

Midco’s branded Unipower Burners – the VA Series – Applications: Commercial Paint Booth, Heat Transfer, High Turn Down Roof Top, Heat Process and Ovens

CHICAGO, IL —  August 10, 2017 — Midco International will be exhibiting at the AHR in Chicago, at the McCormick Place in downtown Chicago on January 22nd – 24th in Booth #4846. Of particular interest to the Paint Booth industry, the VA Series of burners fits the bill. READ MORE

Midco Offers Low NOx Burners and a Hybrid of a Power and Heat Makeup Air Burners

CHICAGO, IL —  August 10, 2017 — Midco International will be exhibiting at the AHR in Chicago, at the McCormick Place in downtown Chicago on January 22nd – 24th in Booth #4846. Of the product lines shown at the show two burner series are of particular interest in today’s HVAC industry, the Low NOx burners (LNB Models) and a hybrid of power and heat makeup burners (VA Models). READ MORE