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Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US Expands CITY MULTI® N-Generation Series

SUWANEE, GA— February 4, 2020 — Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US LLC (METUS), the exclusive provider of Zoned Comfort Solutions® and a leading supplier of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heating and cooling systems, introduces an expanded lineup of CITY MULTI® N-Generation single-module outdoor units for R2-Series and Y-Series. These new units will be available summer 2020.  DOWNLOAD 

Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US Introduces PEFY-OA Ducted Outside Air Unit

SUWANEE, GA— February 4, 2020 — Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS), the exclusive provider of Zoned Comfort Solutions® and leading supplier of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heating and cooling systems, introduces the PEFY-OA Ducted Outside Air Unit. DOWNLOAD 

Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US Introduces Improved Capabilities to Sales Builder Pro Mobile App for HVAC Pros

SUWANEE, GA— February 4, 2020 — Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US  (METUS), the exclusive provider of Zoned Comfort Solutions® and a leading supplier of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heating and cooling systems, introduces new improvements to the Sales Builder Pro mobile application. DOWNLOAD 


PADUA— February 4, 2020 —SIT Spa’s products are already bio-ready or compatible with alternative and green gases like biomethane, in line with the European Union’s New Green Deal objective to decarbonise the economy and cut polluting emissions by at least 50-55% by 2030. DOWNLOAD 

Daikin Brings Rooftop HVAC Innovation, Cooling Performance and Efficiency to Commercial Buildings

ORLANDO, FLA— February 3, 2020 — Daikin today presented the Rebel Applied™ rooftop heating and cooling system at AHR Expo, the world’s largest heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) technology showcase. Rebel Applied is the only packaged system to meet ASHRAE’s latest standard for performance in airflow design. Ideal for building retrofits due to its compact and customizable design, Rebel Applied delivers superior comfort, indoor air quality and energy savings. DOWNLOAD 

New air conditioning technology reduces energy consumption by up to 70%

ORLANDO, FLA— February 3, 2020 —A climate emergency declared in Australia. Water and power rationing in California. Extreme flooding in Europe. Global concern over climate change and its impact on the environment are increasingly in the news. Fears about increasing global temperature and its impact on human health and comfort are well known. With the increasing awareness of climate change has come a genuine desire from corporations and individuals to lessen their impact on the environment. DOWNLOAD 


SAN ANTONIO,  TX— February 3, 2020 — Better, smarter, more precise than ever–with the kick-off of a new year and decade, Friedrich Air Conditioning Co., a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of heating, cooling and other room air conditioning products, is pioneering the way with the latest products and innovations. DOWNLOAD 


SAN ANTONIO,  TX— February 3, 2020 —Marking a first for the U.S. air conditioning market, Friedrich Air Conditioning Company, a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of heating, cooling and other room air conditioning products, is unveiling built-in Wi-Fi capabilities for its Floating Air® Series ductless split systems. Available in March for the company’s Premier and Pro wall-mounted and Pro ceiling cassette models, Friedrich is showcasing its latest Wi-Fi-enabled ductless products at the AHR Expo 2020 held in Orlando, Florida, Feb. 3-5. DOWNLOAD 

Olimpia Splendid Press Release

NEW YORK— February 2, 2020 — Olimpia Splendid with its office and manufacturing facility based near Brescia, Italy was founded in 1956 and we design, manufacture and distribute HVAC products for the residential and light commercial market segments worldwide. Olimpia Splendid’s global presence is demonstrated with sales office in Italy, France, Spain, China, Brazil, Australia and has recently decided to enter the North American market, with its unique Made in Italy product offering. DOWNLOAD 

CoolAutomation Introduces Internet of Climate Cloud Solutions for HVAC Service and Management

TEL AVIV— February 2, 2020 — CoolAutomation, an industry leader in connected HVAC solutions, will be exhibiting for the first time at AHR 2020, where they will be revealing a Beta version of their new HVAC Service Provision Solution along with their Control Application and Smart Device Integration solutions. DOWNLOAD 

Enginuity Power Systems Presenting at AHR Expo

ORLANDO, FLA— February 2, 2020 — Enginuity Power Systems is proud to be attending the 2020 AHR Expo in Orlando, Florida, to have the opportunity to present and inform industry leaders on the benefits and availability of the revolutionary m-Combined Heat and Power product. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE | IMAGE

Daikin Unveils New Products, Extending Daikin’s Commitment to Increasing Energy Efficiency and Reducing Climate Impact

MINNEAPOLIS, MN— February 2, 2020 — Daikin will be exhibiting several new technologies at the tradeshow, including the Rebel Applied™ packaged rooftop system, Magnitude® magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller and Aptitude™ oiled bearing centrifugal chiller, Daikin Fitsystem, VRV IV X heat recovery system and VRV LIFE system. Daikin specialists will also lead educational sessions, and highlight efforts to move the HVACR industry toward a more efficient, sustainable future. DOWNLOAD 


MIAMI, FL — February 1, 2020 — As Cooper&Hunter gains popularity across the US, the global manufacturer continues to expand its HVAC equipment catalog with consistent emphasis on providing quality solutions and affordable price tags. With a variety of Single & Multi Zone Mini Splits, PTACs, Portables, and more, it’s safe to say that the brand specializes in dependable alternatives to centralized air conditioning systems. As the new Inverter Air Handler Unit can be installed with nearly any pre-existing duct run, it’s a perfect addition to Cooper&Hunter’s product line up, appropriate for residential and commercial applications alike. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE


PADUA, ITALY — February 1, 2020 — SIT, world leader in the development, production and distribution of components and systems for the control and safety of domestic heating, is attending the AHR Expo, the world’s largest HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) event, from February 3-5. The convention, that is taking place in Orlando, Florida, has been gathering since 1930 professionals and producers of HCVR products aiming to explore the latest trend, the new technologies and the future of the sector.  DOWNLOAD 


BLYTHEWOOD, SC — February 1, 2020 — Steam experts from Spirax Sarco will feature several of the company’s top products for improving hospital sterilization and steam processes at the AHR EXPO (#AHREXPO), February 3-5, 2020 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. Attendees are invited to Booth #1989 to get a close-up look at some of Spirax Sarco’s newest products, discuss their steam challenges, and to learn how to eliminate costly reprocessing in sterilization. DOWNLOAD 

New Era for Global Combustion Technologies Group

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH — February 1, 2020 — Today, Beckett Gas Inc — a global pioneer of combustion technologies and engineering solutions — announced a major rebranding strategy to better align the Beckett Gas brand identity and the global businesses that fall under it. DOWNLOAD 

Niagara for the industrial environment

MIDDLETOWN, PA — January 30, 2020 — The ILC 2050 BI controller from Phoenix Contact automates projects in buildings, infrastructure, and data centers. The controller operates on the Niagara framework, which is widely used in the building automation industry, but the hardware is designed for harsh, industrial environments. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE

Rawal Devices’ APR Control® (Mechanical) and APR-E Valve® (Electronic)

WOBURN, MA — January 30, 2020 —Rawal Devices, a manufacturer of highly efficient, cost-effective solutions that solve temperature and humidity control issues in direct expansion (DX) HVAC systems, displays its capacity modulation products and innovative applications at the AHR Expo, Booth #4448 in Orlando, Florida from Feb. 3-5, 2020. DOWNLOAD 

Azbil North America Introduces SonoPro® Ultrasonic flowmeters at the 2020 AHR Expo in Orlando

PHOENIX, AZ — January 30, 2020 —Azbil North America, Inc is proud to introduce VorTek Instruments’, an Azbil group Company, new SonoPro® Commercial Series and SonoPro® Water Series of ultrasonic flowmeter’s with high accuracy transit-time ultrasonic technology that deliver accurate and reliable flow metering. The innovative design incorporates matched precision transducers and signal processing circuitry to accurately measure the flow of most liquids over a wide range of velocities. SonoPro® meters are available with clamp-on or insertion transducers. Clamp-on meters have no wear, create zero pressure loss and do not require process interruptions to install them since they are attached to the outside of the pipe. The insertable version can be installed on any piping and can read the flow rate of any fluid with little to no conductivity such as hydrocarbons.  SonoPro® meter can be appropriate for many measurement applications, including industrial water flow, municipal water, oil, chemical, and agricultural flow.  With the addition of external temperature inputs, SonoPro® can provide both mass and energy (BTU) metering. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE | IMAGE | IMAGE | IMAGE | IMAGE | IMAGE

Bell & Gossett to highlight building solutions across North America, unveil new HVAC pumps at 2020 AHR Expo

ORLANDO, FLA — January 29, 2020 — Xylem Bell & Gossett will demonstrate how it is solving today’s most critical water challenges in commercial buildings with a full range of energy-efficient and space-saving system solutions during the 2020 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR), Feb. 3-5, in Orlando. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE

Daikin Unveils New Products, Advocates for Climate Action at AHR Expo

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — January 29, 2020 — Daikin will be exhibiting several new technologies at the tradeshow, including the Rebel Applied™ packaged rooftop system, Magnitude® magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller and Aptitude™ oiled bearing centrifugal chiller, Daikin Fit system, VRV IV X heat recovery system and VRV LIFE system. Daikin specialists will also lead educational sessions, and highlight efforts to move the HVACR industry toward a more efficient, sustainable future. DOWNLOAD 


AUSTIN, TEXAS — January 29, 2020 — Resideo Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: REZI), today announced the launch of the Resideo Home app, which will make whole-home monitoring possible for the four critical networks of the home – water, air, energy and security. At an event for industry professionals and partners at the historic Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theatre in Austin, the company showcased its vision for the future of the smart home and upcoming subscription services made possible by the new app. Through these services, homeowners will easily connect with professionals who can help ensure home networks are operating efficiently and can intervene to help prevent costly damages, like water leaks and major appliance failures. DOWNLOAD 

Infineon highlights intelligent, efficient power solutions at AHR Expo 2020

EL SEGUNDO, CA — January 28, 2020 — Smart buildings that reduce energy and maintenance costs while increasing tenants’ comfort rely on semiconductor technologies to make HVACR systems intelligent, secure and efficient. That’s why Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY), a world leader in power semiconductors and other industrial chips, will exhibit (Booth 9423) at the AHR Expo from February 3-5, 2020 at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida. DOWNLOAD 

Simple Scald Protection with Caleffi SinkMixer™ 4-Way Thermostatic Mixing Valve

MILWAUKEE — January 28, 2020 — Caleffi North America, Inc. is proud to introduce an all-new, innovative, 4-port scald protection valve for point-of-use applications, the 5212 Series SinkMixer™. Its compact design minimizes connection points by allowing direct connection from the valve to the cold fixture port without the use of an additional tee that is required with 3-port valve configurations. SinkMixer includes a stand-off mounting bracket and standard 3/8” compression connections that easily fit common under-sink hoses and pipe fittings to simplify installation. The precision engineered, DZR low-lead brass body complies with IPC, IRC, UPC and NPC plumbing codes and is NSF/ANSI 372 low lead and ASSE 1070/CSA B125.3 certified. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE

Introducing the MRCOOL Universal DC Inverter Heat Pump

CLARKSVILLE, TN — January 28, 2020 —MRCOOL is an innovative company offering heating and cooling solutions that are the cutting edge of what modern, flexible HVAC fabrication can produce. These systems rely on state-of-the-art manufacturing processing and advanced design to deliver high efficiency air comfort anywhere you need it. From being the only producer of do-it-yourself ductless mini-split systems, to smart thermostats, bladeless fans and tankless water heaters, MRCOOL never stops innovating and never stops dreaming. DOWNLOAD 

Espresso? Latte? Americano? Caleffi Booth Events at AHR

MILWAUKEE — January 28, 2020 — Espresso?  Latte?  Americano?  Enjoy a Coffee with Caleffi while perusing Caleffi’s innovative, superior performance products during the 2020 AHR Expo (Booth 6581) at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla.  Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr and Dan Firkus host a Coffee with Caleffi LIVE session on Monday, Feb. 3 at 2:00 p.m. and will discuss their favorite mixing products in the 30-minute feature: Getting Mixed Up with Caleffi.  Don’t be surprised if they mix in a giveaway or two! DOWNLOAD | IMAGE 


MIAMI, FL — January 28, 2020 — As Cooper&Hunter gains popularity across the US, the global manufacturer continues to expand its HVAC equipment catalog with consistent emphasis on providing quality solutions and affordable price tags. In 2019 Cooper&Hunter introduced the Single Zone Dakota Hyper Heat Series to their catalog. This year, the brand is rolling out both Multi Zone and Light Commercial alternatives, completing their full line-up of Hyper Heat Mini-Split Systems for cooling and heating up to 5 independent zones in living and working spaces using only one outdoor unit. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE 

New 3-inch vertical stationary louver from Ruskin® meets AMCA 540 Basic Protection and 550 for High-Velocity Wind-Driven Rain Miami-Dade NOA#18-1106.04

KANSAS CITY, MO — January 27, 2020 — The EME3625DFLMD from Ruskin® is the only 3-inch louver to be listed to Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) standards 540 for impact testing and 550 for high-velocity wind-driven rain. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE 

Ruskin® AIRFLOW-IQ brings together electronic air measuring station with BACnet actuator and Class 1A damper

KANSAS CITY, MO — January 27, 2020 — Ruskin® introduces the AIRFLOW-IQ, which combines the features of the Ruskin TDP05K air flow and temperature measuring probes with the Ruskin CD50 control damper and the Ruskin VAFB24-BAC RAMS Air Measurement BACnet actuator. The unit is factory-assembled and calibrated to provide effective setpoint airflow control from 0 to 5,000 FPM (0 to 25 m/s) using analog or BACnet interface. The ultra low-leak, class 1A-rated CD50 damper meets leakage requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE | IMAGE

Ruskin® ADC105 addressable damper controller meets NFPA 80 and 105 life safety remote damper testing requirements

KANSAS CITY, MO — January 27, 2020 — The Ruskin® ADC105 addressable damper controller meets NFPA 80 and 105 life safety remote damper testing requirements. The ADC105 is an addressable module that works with Simplex ES fire alarm panels. With the ADC105 connected to a Simplex fire alarm system, it allows continuous monitoring and alarm capability if something should go wrong. The ADC105 allows for the periodic testing that is required in NFPA 80 and NFPA 105. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE


MIAMI, FL — January 24, 2020 — As Cooper&Hunter gains popularity across the US, the global manufacturer continues to expand its HVAC equipment catalog with consistent emphasis on providing quality solutions with affordable price tags. Visit Booth 221 at AHR Expo to discover the Cooper&Hunter’s Best Selling items, like the leading Sophia Series, new energy-efficient models, and innovative upgrades alongside a welcoming team of Sales Representatives. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE

Comfy Mode by Cielo WiGle - Set Your Air Conditioning Rules to Automate Your Ductless Heating or Cooling

REDMOND, WA — January 24, 2020 — Cielo WiGle Inc., a market leader in smart Wi-Fi enabled AC controllers, is proud to introduce “Comfy Mode” which is designed and optimized to ensure the user’s comfort and savings. Cielo WiGle will be exhibiting this feature, and many more, along with its diverse product line, which includes Breez Plus, Breez Eco, and Breezi, at the AHR Expo 2020. DOWNLOAD 

SWEP North America rolls out new expedited lead time program

LANDSKRONA, SWEDEN — January 24, 2020 — As part of our ongoing efforts to better serve our customers, SWEP North America, Inc. is pleased to announce that we are rolling out a new expedited lead time program for our brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs). DOWNLOAD | IMAGE 

SWEP introduces the new compact, but highly efficient B220 model

LANDSKRONA, SWEDEN — January 24, 2020 — The B220 is a compact, but highly efficient Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (BPHE) which offers great heat transfer efficiency at a low cost. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE 

SWEP expands its successful D650 True Dual heat exchanger range

LANDSKRONA, SWEDEN — January 24, 2020 — SWEP, part of Dover (NYSE: DOV), is introducing an all-new evaporator to their True Dual heat exchanger range, which targets chillers and heat pump applications with a higher temperature approach. The DV650 evaporator has been added to the D650 True Dual heat exchanger range and can be used with the majority of current high-pressure refrigerants. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE | IMAGE

SWEP actively contributes to decrease carbon footprint

LANDSKRONA, SWEDEN — January 24, 2020 — At SWEP, we believe our future rests on giving more energy than we take – from our planet and our people. That’s why we pour our energy into leading the conversion to sustainable energy usage in heat transfer. Over three decades, the SWEP brand has become synonymous with challenging efficiency. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE


MILWAUKEE — January 23, 2020 — Caleffi North America announces that the high-performance LEGIOMIX® digital mixing valve for commercial domestic hot water (DHW) temperature control is now available with ANSI 150 flanges in sizes 2½” for 17 to 470 GPM flow rate and 3” for 22 to 537 GPM. The valve delivers the highest flow in the industry in a single valve compared to multiple valves in parallel. The 3” flanged LEGIOMIX is the first DHW control valve in North America that provides a maximum flow rate of over 500 GPM. The new flanged sizes complement the existing NPT, press, and sweat union connections. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE

Graphic Products to Demo Innovations to Boost Efficiency in HVACR Industry

BEAVERTON, OREGON — January 23, 2020 —Graphic Products Inc., a global leader in visual communication solutions for compliance and safety, will be at the AHR Expo in Orlando hosting live demonstrations of DuraLabel industrial labeling systems that meet and exceed challenges in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration operations. In booth 8289 from Feb. 3-5, Graphic Products will showcase necessary and efficient visual communication strategies and labor-saving tools. Test the revolutionary DuraLabel Kodiak alongside an array of other cutting-edge products and services. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE


QUEBEC — January 23, 2020 —M2S has released for immediate sales the TX120 Bacnet-IP over WiFi that introduces new features to M2S Electronics’ line of thermostats for intelligently giving you control. Being fully customizable design platforms, M2S thermostats allow endless possibilities for the end-customer in terms of design, functionality, and more. DOWNLOAD 

Nidec Showcases Wide Range of High Efficiency Motor Controls at 2020 AHR Expo

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — January 23, 2020 — Nidec Motor Corporation (NMC) continues to expand its motors and controls offerings with a full range of variable speed/high efficiency products to meet HVAC industry demands. Among the exciting new variable speed products to be showcased at the 2020 AHR Expo are: KBVF 4G AC drives, DFS Drive Free Standing and Dyneo Permanent Magnet motors. DOWNLOAD 

The advantages of VFD technology to be highlighted at the world’s largest HVACR event

BUTTINGTON, WALES — January 23, 2020 — The energy savings, efficiencies and reduced operating costs produced as a result of integrating Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) into HVACR systems will be highlighted at AHR Expo in Florida next month. The latest Optidrive VFD technology from Invertek Drives used in HVACR applications will be on show at the event in Orange County Convention Center in Orlando (3-5 February 2020 – West Hall, 9201). DOWNLOAD | IMAGE 

The Tower at PNC Plaza uses façade automation to improve building ventilation

NORTH WALES, PA — January 17, 2020 — While façade automation may still seem new to some building professionals in North America, there is no doubt that this technology is gaining more attention and has been well-received and adopted by ambitious building planners and owners who wish to use natural- or mixed mode ventilation as a sustainable ventilation alternative. LEED Platinum Certified, the Tower at PNC Plaza demonstrates how a building can achieve an optimal indoor climate, enhance employee productivity and lower energy consumption by using automated natural ventilation from WindowMaster Clearline Inc. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE | IMAGE

New Natural Ventilation Solution set to change the HVAC Industry

NORTH WALES, PA — January 17, 2020 —  Several years of research and development have come to an end as WindowMaster has officially presented its latest innovation to the world. NV Embedded® is the next generation of natural ventilation solutions enabled by façade automation. It is specifically designed to make integration with BMS completely unproblematic as it can communicate via BACnet. While the company’s current natural ventilation solutions use KNX, NV Embedded® can be used without any specific bus communication and with different levels of BMS integration. Furthermore, the system benefits from an advanced cloud solution allowing building administrators to access real time- or historical building data independent of time and place. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE

New, sustainable ventilation alternatives arrive to AHR Expo

NORTH WALES, PA — January 17, 2020 —  This year at AHR Expo, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about new, sustainable ventilation alternatives that are gaining traction in North America. These ventilation strategies have been well-known in Europe for years, and regularly applied to public and private, non-residential buildings. Stalwart examples of green infrastructure, Germany, Denmark, and the UK, have been early and vigorous adopters. However, the strategies and associated hardware are quite new to North America. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE

Infinitum Electric Forever Changes the HVAC Motor Market with a Re-Invented 15HP Motor

AUSTIN, TEXAS — January 17, 2020 — Infinitum Electric, creator of the breakthrough printed circuit board motor (PCB), today announced the launch of its IEx Series motor, an IoT-enabled electric motor that’s a third of the size and weight of conventional motors while delivering class-leading efficiency and IoT capabilities. Infinitum has reached OEM sales agreements with Twin City Fans, Comefri and ACME Fan for the new IEx Series motor and the first shipment of motors is scheduled for June. The company’s first product is a 15-horsepower (HP) motor designed for the HVAC plenum fan market, with the 10HP and 5HP model being released by the end of 2020. Infinitum has also kickstarted research and development efforts in other market segments like oil and gas, aerospace and electric vehicles.  DOWNLOAD | IMAGE

CAREL to spotlight on optimized performance in mission critical spaces.

MANHEIM, PA — January 17, 2020 — CAREL USA, Inc. will be showcasing the latest developments in energy and efficiency solutions for a wide range of HVAC/R applications during the AHR Expo in Orlando, Florida from February 3rd to February 5th, Booth 6861. DOWNLOAD 

Armstrong Names Todd Rief CEO

TORONTO — January 17, 2020 — S. A. Armstrong Limited has announced that Todd Rief has joined the organization as Chief Executive Officer. Rief has over 25 years of experience in both small and large organizations. In his most recent role, he worked with Honeywell International Inc., where he served as Chief Commercial Officer for the Homes and Buildings Technologies division. In 12 years with Honeywell, he served in a variety of positions including President and General Manager of the Environmental and Energy Solutions Group and President and General Manager of the Life Safety and Security group. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE

Willdan to demonstrate NEO® Real-time Energy Modeling Software at 2020 AHR Expo

MINNEAPOLIS, MN— January 17, 2020 — Willdan announced today it will provide demonstrations of the NEO Net Energy Optimizer® at the 2020 AHR Expo, being held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, February 3-5, 2020. NEO® is a licensed software platform that puts the power of energy modeling in an online, user-friendly interface for real-time analysis towards the design, construction, and maintenance of higher-performing buildings. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE

Innova will launch HPAC 2.0—its EnergyStar certified “Heat Pump AC – With No Outdoor Unit” in the US at the 2020 AHR Expo

STORO, ITALY — January 10, 2020 — Italy-based leader in specialized climate control systems, Innova will launch HPAC 2.0—its EnergyStar-certified “Heat Pump AC – With No Outdoor Unit” to the US market at the AHR Expo 2020. DOWNLOAD 

GLO Seal™ - The Perfect 2-in-1 Solution Premium Dye and Sealant for Leak Detection

WESTBURY, NY — January 10, 2020 — Spectronics Corporation announces the release of GLO Seal™ – a 2-in-1 solution of OEM-Grade fluorescent dye and powerful sealant. As the inventors of fluorescent leak detection, Spectroline® is evolving their product line by manufacturing the brightest, high-quality performance dyes available. By merging their premium dye with powerful AC&R system sealant, they are continuing their legacy of innovation. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE


HICKORY, N.C. — January 2, 2020 — PTI, a division of HSM, has developed InnoShieldTM, a premium engineered foam pipe insulation with an innovative outer coating. The new product provides industry-leading performance in outdoor HVAC and plumbing applications that are prone to extreme temperatures, moisture and sunlight. The coating also provides maximum cut and tear resistance, making it less prone to damage during installation. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE

Armstrong To Showcase Award-Winning Pump Manager Solution at AHR Expo 2020

TORONTO — December 19, 2019 Armstrong Fluid Technology will showcase its innovative Pump Manager solution at AHR Expo 2020 in Orlando on February 3-5. Pump Manager has recently been honored with special recognition from three leading industry organizations. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE

Robertshaw® Exhibits and Launches New Partnerships and Products at AHR Expo

ITASCA, IL — December 19, 2019 — Robertshaw® joins more than 1,900 exhibitors at the International Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration Exposition (AHR Expo) February 3 to February 5, 2020, in Orlando, Florida. Robertshaw will display some of its latest products in booth 1909, and host a training session, “Digital Controllers for Commercial Refrigeration,” on Tuesday, February 4, 2020, at 10:25 am, location Theater A – Room W230AB. DOWNLOAD 

Armstrong To Showcase An Enhanced Integrated Plant Control System (IPC 9521) At AHR Expo

TORONTO — November 21, 2019 Armstrong Fluid Technology will introduce the enhanced Design Envelope IPC 9521 Integrated Plant Control System at AHR Expo 2020 in Orlando on February 3-5 (booth #4161).  Featuring the new TowerMax option, the IPC 9521 significantly improves the operating efficiencies of plants using either identical or non-identical chillers. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE 


LEXINGTON, KY — December 18, 2019 — Big Ass Fans has unveiled Powerfoil D, the product of 10 years’ experience and purpose-built design. The exceptionally engineered Powerfoil D is the first and only direct-drive overhead fan designed for harsh industrial environments. Powerfoil D illustrates the company’s continued commitment to building premium-quality products specifically designed for customer spaces. DOWNLOAD | IMAGE | IMAGE

Mestek Machinery to participate in the AHR Expo February 3rd - 5th 2020 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA — December 17, 2019 — Mestek Machinery is an HVACR industry leader specializing in end-to-end productive, reliable, and innovative metal forming solutions for sheet metal ductwork and fittings. Mestek Machinery invites duct shops and fabricators to visit their floor display at booth 2501. Their team of experts represents deep and broad experience in all aspects of the HVACR industry. DOWNLOAD

Launch of next generation smart AC features for RACs by Cielo

REDMOND, WA — December 16, 2019 —Cielo WiGle Inc., the leading provider of smart controls for Residential Air Conditioners (RACs), announces exciting smart features in a major updated app release. The newly introduced features are geared towards energy savings and the convenience of the end users. DOWNLOAD


HOUSTON, TX — December 9, 2019 —After federal tariffs sent steel pipe costs skyrocketing across the United States in 2019, buyers are turning to new alternatives in a competitive marketplace. POLOPLAST America fills that demand with a premium, price-stable alternative that outperforms steel in a number of categories. DOWNLOAD

The World’s First Smart Coil to be Released at AHR Expo

KING OF PRUSSIA, PENN — November 20, 2019 — Cooney Technologies will unveil the Industry’s first Smart Coil at booth 1566 at the 2020 AHR Expo. The Cooney Smart Coil delivers unmatched freeze protection for fluid and steam coils while communicating directly with the BAS when exposed to a freeze event. DOWNLOAD