Midco’s branded Unipower Burners – the MPG Series

Midco International will be exhibiting at the AHR in Chicago, at the McCormick Place in downtown Chicago on January 22nd – 24th in Booth #4846

CHICAGO, IL – August 10, 2017 –  The Midco branded Unipower MPG Series burners are modular construction adaptable to many applications. The MPG series is available with the blower on top as standard. The burner is also available with the blower on the bottom for the tighter applications. Optional valve trains and controls are available to meet ASME CSD-1, Factory Mutual, NFPA and GAP specifications. The MPG burner is completely factory assembled and fire tested.

At the heart of the MPG burner efficiency is the innovative burner gas manifold and its stainless steel retention plate, precision engineered to thoroughly mix gas fuel and combustion air for increased combustion efficiency.

The MPG series comes standard with a 120V electronic microprocessor flame safeguard and flame rod sensing or is available with optional UV sensing.

The standard burner style of firing is on-off with slow opening diaphragm gas valve and fixed air shutter. Also available is Hi-Lo-Off firing or 3-1 and 10-1 turndown modulation capabilities. For OEM models, there are multiple options offered as well as unassembled valve trains and welded flanges to fulfill many application requirements.

The Unipower MPG GB burners are provided with a 24 volt electronic intermittent pilot ignition module with self diagnostic features employing the flame rectification of flame detection. A 120 volt ignition transformer insuring reliable pilot ignition is standard.

See one at booth 4846.

Midco MPG Series Gas Burner
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