Midco’s branded Unipower Burners – the VA Series – Applications: Commercial Paint Booth, Heat Transfer, High Turn Down Roof Top, Heat Process and Ovens

CHICAGO, IL – August 10, 2017 – Midco International will be exhibiting at the AHR in Chicago, at the McCormick Place in downtown Chicago on January 22nd – 24th in Booth #4846. Of particular interest to the Paint Booth industry, the VA Series of burners fits the bill.

The Midco Unipower VA Series burner is a hybrid of power burner and a heat makeup burner. The VA delivers big advantages over the competition with the 30 to 1 turn down ratio and less temperature fluctuations providing the benefit of precisely set temperature control without having to worry about over or under heating; resulting in a higher quality end product. It is the easiest high-turn down burner to setup in the industry with no linkage structure or complicated electronics to programs.

The combustion air motor used is a variable speed blower, which creates a pressure relative to the air output. By using this air pressure in the blower, output gas pressure can be varied relative to the air pressure through a ratio regulator. The VA Series burner air modulation allows the burner to operate at lower excess air at all firing rates with low CO emission compared to some of the burners that do not modulate the air. The CO emission is well below ANSI standard and TA-Luft standard. The burner consumes less electric which translates to energy saving and a lower carbon foot print.

See one at booth 4846.

Midco VA Series Gas Burner
Link Site: http://www.midcointernational.com/products/unipower_va/index.htm
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