Understanding “Verified Attendance” vs “Registered Attendance”

In previous years, Show management quantified attendance by tracking registered attendees. Registered attendees are those who pre-registered ahead of the Show as well as those who registered on site.

In the past, to avoid long delays as large crowds attempt to enter the exhibit hall at the same time, we were not able to scan badges individually without negatively impacting the AHR Expo experience. Therefore, an exact count of registered attendees who entered the exhibit hall was not captured. Our goal continues to be focused on creating the best experience for attendees, and to maximize the exposure of our exhibitors on the Show floor. We are all aware that there are enough things to wait in line for at any large event. With this in mind, we prioritized the need to get attendees onto the Show floor quickly ahead of obtaining an exact count of individuals.

In Atlanta, the challenge of delays in moving large numbers of attendees onto the Show floor was resolved with the use of newly updated RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology. This allowed us to scan all badges simultaneously as people entered the exhibit halls instead of the time-consuming process of scanning individuals one at a time. This enables Show management to capture accurate numbers without negatively impacting the experience of our attendees and exhibitors.

Moving forward Show management will continue to report verified attendance in place of registered attendance. Thank you for your understanding as we continue to seek new ways to improve the Show experience and enhance methods for collecting and reporting information.