The deadline has passed and entries are no longer being accepted.  Once determined, the Winners and Finalists will be notified individually. The Competition results will be published by the end of September.


  • Entries will be accepted from exhibiting companies only.
  • The awards are open only to products that will be exhibited in the 2019 AHR Expo, Jan. 14 – 16 in Atlanta and available for sale by January 2019.
  • Products that won AHR Expo Innovation Awards in previous years are not eligible. Products that have been chosen as finalists in previous years can be re-entered.
  • Companies may submit only one product in each category. The same product cannot be entered in multiple categories.


  • BUILDING AUTOMATION – any product, system or software that automates and/or integrates building management or energy conservation.
  • COOLING – any product or system designed to decrease the temperature of a space.
  • GREEN BUILDING – any equipment, component or process that saves energy or conserves natural resources, and also embodies concepts of sustainability such as renewable energy and wise use of materials and other resources.
  • HEATING – any product or system designed to increase the temperature of a space or substance.
  • INDOOR AIR QUALITY – any product or system designed for the purpose of controlling, in an enclosed space, attributes of the respirable atmosphere such as humidity and contaminants.
  • PLUMBING – any product or tool used to conserve water, or to direct, distribute, increase or decrease the flow of water.
  • REFRIGERATION –  any product or system designed to extract heat from a substance or space at a low temperature not intended for comfort cooling.
  • SOFTWARE – any computer program or database management tool that increases the efficiency or effectiveness of people or companies that design, service and install HVAC&R equipment.
  • TOOLS & INSTRUMENTS – any tool, instrument, gage, indicator or measuring device used in the HVAC&R industry.
  • VENTILATION – any product that directs or distributes air, or increases the flow of air.


Please email Kimberly Pires at kpires@iecshows.com or call 203-674-9427.