The 2021 Innovation Awards will begin accepting entries in June, 2020

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  • Entries will be accepted from exhibiting companies only.
  • The awards are open only to products that will be exhibited in the 2021 AHR Expo, Jan. 25-27 in Chicago and available for sale by January 2021.
  • Products that have won AHR Expo Innovation Awards in previous years are not eligible. Products that have been chosen as finalists in previous years may be re-entered.
  • Companies may submit only one product in each category. The same product cannot be entered in multiple categories.


  • BUILDING AUTOMATION – any product, system or software that automates and/or integrates building management or energy conservation.
  • COOLING – any product or system designed to decrease the temperature of a space.
  • GREEN BUILDING – any equipment, component or process that saves energy or conserves natural resources, and also embodies concepts of sustainability such as renewable energy and wise use of materials and other resources.
  • HEATING – any product or system designed to increase the temperature of a space or substance.
  • INDOOR AIR QUALITY – any product or system designed for the purpose of controlling, in an enclosed space, attributes of the respirable atmosphere such as humidity and contaminants.
  • PLUMBING – any product or tool used to conserve water, or to direct, distribute, increase or decrease the flow of water.
  • REFRIGERATION –  any product or system designed to extract heat from a substance or space at a low temperature not intended for comfort cooling.
  • SOFTWARE – any computer program or database management tool that increases the efficiency or effectiveness of people or companies that design, service and install HVAC&R equipment.
  • TOOLS & INSTRUMENTS – any tool, instrument, gage, indicator or measuring device used in the HVAC&R industry.
  • VENTILATION – any product that directs or distributes air, or increases the flow of air.